Anyone thinking about the priesthood should make     contact with 

Rev Brian Lamb
St. Joseph’s R.C. Church
Mayberry Place
Blantyre, Glasgow, G72 9DA
Email: info@sjblantyre.org

In order to be ready to be accepted for next year’s Propaedeutic Period those considering the call to priesthood need to make themselves known now.

Permanent Diaconate

DO YOU FEEL CALLED TO SERVE GOD AS A PERMANENT DEACON? Any men who would like to find out more about the Permanent Diaconate are invited to attend an ‘Enquiry Night’ in Holy Family, Mossend, on Monday 11th June at 7.30pm Please note that any who come to this Enquiry night can do so without any fear of commitment. This is an information night only. (The Permanent Diaconate is open to men, married or unmarried 25 years +).

If you feel God may be calling you to his service as a permanent deacon, please take time to pray about this, ask the advice of a priest or an ordained permanent deacon. After praying about it, and, if married having discussed it with your wife, and family, you should approach your parish priest or diocesan diaconate-director:

Rev James A. Grant,
Holy Family,
57 Hope Street,
Mossend ML4 1QA.
Telephone: 01698 843165
Email: jamesagrant@live.co.uk


Rev. Deacon Jim Aitken,
St. Francis Xavier,
Taylor Avenue,
Tel: 01698 746619.